Error Codes

421 : Too Many Connections

The maximum number of connections from one IP is 8, if you encounter a 421 error, this means that you have exceeded this limitation. You can no longer...Read More

How to Control FTP Sessions

Our Shared and plans  allow up to 8 simultaneous FTP connections from 1 IP. If you exceed this amount, you may run into a 421 Connection Error which a...Read More

415 : Unsupported Media Type

When a client uses an HTTP data stream to transfer a URL resource to the server, it may need to specify the media type that is being transfered. This ...Read More

414 : Request URI Too Long

A 414 error page requires both that you use a URL that is formed in a way that successfully reaches a server, and that is too long for the server to p...Read More

413 : Request Entity Too Long

When the HTTP data stream sent by the client to the server is too large, the server will generate this error page. What is or is not “too large&...Read More

412 : Precondition Failed

An HTTP client using an HTTP data stream to send data to the server is able to include specifications for the stream, known as Preconditions. If a pre...Read More

411 : Content Length Required

When using HTTP methods that involve placing data on a server, such as PUT or POST, the server may require the length of the data to be specified. If ...Read More

410 : Gone

Sometimes a server can provide a 410 error page instead of a 404 error. These error pages are fundamentally the same, indicating that a resource that ...Read More

409 : Conflicting Request

When the request you have made conflicts with an established rule the server may generate a 409 error page to indicate that there are two requests tha...Read More