Error Codes

403 : Forbidden

The request was a legal request, but the server is refusing to respond to it. Unlike a 401 Unauthorized response, authenticating will make no differen...Read More

401 : Unauthorized

Access to the URL resource requires user authentication which either has not yet been provided, or which has been provided but failed. This is commonl...Read More

400 : Bad Request

When the HTTP request completely fails to conform to the HTTP protocol, the Web server may identify it as being malformed and serve this error page. T...Read More

What is a Server Side Error Code?

Server Error Codes begin with the number 5, such as 500 or 503 (two of the most common server side errors). These error pages indicate that an issue w...Read More

What is a Client Side Error Code?

Client Error Codes begin with the number 4, such as 404 or 403 (two of the most common client side errors). A Client Error Code indicates that there i...Read More

500 Internal Server Error

What causes 500 Internal Server Errors? Here are the three most common reasons: Incorrect file permissons – Most commonly having a file as ̶...Read More

500 Internal Server Error

There can be a number of reasons for an Internal Server Error. Here are some thing you can do to solve it: The most likely issue is a corrupted .htacc...Read More

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