Whitelisting an IP in Mod Security

Log into C-Panel navigate to “Security” and select “Mod Security … Read More

WebSite Debuggers

After creating a post, page, youtube, twitter, linkedin and/or new … Read More

Test Your Website’s

GeoPeeker www.Geopeeker.com is a tool for web developers that makes … Read More

Updating SPF Record In Email Deliverabillity

Log into Cpanel Go to the Email section and select … Read More

What is WordPress

WordPress is a completely free tool used to create dynamic … Read More

Change WordPress address in MySQL Database

Backup your database in cPanel prior to making changes. Login … Read More

Change WordPress URL Address in Admin Dashboard

Login to WordPress admin dashboard Click on Settings >> General… Read More

Adding HTML to a WordPress Page/Post

Login to your WordPress dashboard. In the navigation menu … Read More

How to Log into your WordPress Dashboard

To access the WordPress dashboard you simply need to add … Read More

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