How To Install WordPress In A Subdirectory

  1. Login to the cPanel (easiest way is
  2. Under the Software section click the Softaculous icon
  3. Find the WordPress icon, then click on the blue button labeled Install

Fill in the fields for your WordPress site. Below we go over the required rields for quick installation: 

CHOOSE DOMAIN Click on the drop-down menu to select the domain you will use for the install
IN DIRECTORY This section is what determines the subdirectory that you’re installing into. The folder cannot already exist on the server. Type in the name of the subdirectory that you intend to use for your installation
ADMIN USERNAME Type in the user name you wish to use for the Administrator. To help make your site secure, try not use obvious names like “Admin” or “Administrator.”
ADMIN PASSWORD Enter the password that you wish to use for the login. For more information check out our tutorial on Password Strength and Security.
ADMIN EMAIL Enter the email address you will use for your Admin. Make sure to replace the existing email address with a valid one that you can use to receive messages for the administrator user.
Click on Install to setup WordPress to your subdirectory.
Softaculous validates that data that you’re installing, then completes the installation for WordPress.
You will see the URLs for both the Administator dashboard and the WordPress site based on your subdirectory. Click on links in order to verify the installations.

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