Error Code

Heartbeat Control

Description Heartbeat Control by WP Rocket allows you to manage the frequency of the WordPress heartbeat API in a few clicks. The WordPress Heartbeat ...Read More

505 : HTTP Version Not Supported

This error is caused by a client or browser attempting to use a version of the HTTP protocol that is not supported by the web server. This is a rare e...Read More

504 : Gateway Timeout

When you attempt to access a web-page, the server that your action is routed through places a time limit on that request. If a response is not provide...Read More

503 : Service Unavailable

What is a 503 Error? A 503 error message indicates that there is an issue preventing access to the site but also lets visitors know that, although the...Read More

502 : Bad Gateway

This HTTP status code indicates that one server received an invalid response from another server that it was accessing while attempting to load a webs...Read More

501 : Not Implemented

This status code indicates that the HTTP method of the request from the client is not understood or supported by the server. The methods currently def...Read More

421 : Too Many Connections

The maximum number of connections from one IP is 8, if you encounter a 421 error, this means that you have exceeded this limitation. You can no longer...Read More

How to Control FTP Sessions

Our Shared and plans  allow up to 8 simultaneous FTP connections from 1 IP. If you exceed this amount, you may run into a 421 Connection Error which a...Read More

415 : Unsupported Media Type

When a client uses an HTTP data stream to transfer a URL resource to the server, it may need to specify the media type that is being transfered. This ...Read More