Updating SPF Record In Email Deliverabillity

  1. Log into Cpanel
  2. Go to the Email section and select Email Deliverabllity
  3. On the Email Deliverability page select the domian your want to manage
  4. Once you’ve chosen the domain you want to edit click repair if high lighted.
  5. If the Repair link isn’t highlighted click Manage.
  6. On the Manage The Domain page scroll down to the SPF and copy the Value code then go back to the main Cpanel page and click DNS Zone Editor.

  7.  In the DNS Zone Editor click Add Record then enter the values as seen below.
  8. the click Add Record, once record is created go back to the Email section and click on Email Deliverablility and you should see  Valid in the SFP section

NOTE: if your Email Deliverability has this error you can be auto blocked from certain sites

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